Stormwatch TPB Volume 03 Change Or Die (Star09483)

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by Ellis, Raney, Elliott, Jimenez, & various An exciting trade paperback reprinting issues from writer Warren Ellis’ run on StormWatch collects two classic adventures of the team that would evolve into The Authority! Reprinting StormWatch #48-50 and StormWatch Volume 2 #1-3, Change or Die includes the compelling story of a legendary 1930s hero who emerges from solitude with a plan to start civilization anew with the help of a cadre of super-human idealists, and the thrilling ‘Strange Weather,’ in which the ‘Watch – now under the command of a new, saner Weatherman – can only save the world from a bizarre mutanegenic threat if it disobeys an edict that forbids the team from operating on U.S. soil. SC, 7×10, 160pg, FC

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