Goon TPB Volume 03 Heaps Of Ruination (Nov040037)

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ERIC POWELL (W/A) Beware all undead minions and other variegated doers of badness! Rouse up trouble with the honest folks of Lonely Street and it’s the Goon you’ll answer to! Robot or alien, werewolf or vampire, zombie or gorilla (or zombie-gorilla), it makes no difference to the Goon-he’ll serve you up a mouthful of broken teeth right quick, as evidenced by the fine tales collected in this fine volume-the third in the ever-expanding line chronicling the triumphs and tragedies of the lone man brave enough to stand against the Zombie Priest and his ghoulish army of um ghouls. Collecting issues #5-#8 of the bi-monthly series. This volume also includes a very special guest appearance by Hellboy co-written and drawn by award-winning Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola! Mike Mignola’s Hellboy and Eric Powell’s Goon team up for a historic comics event in this collection! This is one of the coolest, funniest, and smartest crossovers ever. After receiving 4 nominations, The Goon won a 2004 Eisner Award! 2003 Interntional Horror Guild Award Winner (Best Illustrated Narrative) Eric Powell’s The Goon has been hailed as a book that would ‘leave you drooling like an undead ghoul at a brain buffet’ by Entertainment Weekly.

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